Though a well-maintained elevator may last 20 or more years, there are likely to be times within that period when it will be necessary to upgrade components to keep it working efficiently and safely. With careful planning, modernizing an elevator can be a strategic capital investment instead of an emergency situation.

Repetitive repairs and constant shutdowns are just a few of the warning signs that it is time to modernize an elevator.  Upgrading existing equipment is the best way to incorporate the newest advances in passenger safety, efficiency, and reliability. Modernization improves elevator comfort, performance, passenger safety, and aesthetics — all good business decisions for your real estate investment.

Customized Elevator Upgrade Solutions

Whetherit serves three floors or twenty, and has a rated speed of 150 or 500 fpm, every elevator system is unique. That’s why Northern Elevator Company takes the time to create customized upgrading solutions that best fit your equipment. No matter whom the original manufacturer was, we have a wide range of capabilities to help you bring older, inefficient systems up to today’s elevator standards. We’re in business to help you save money and energy, improve service, and boost tenant satisfaction and safety.

Improving Passenger Safety

Safety is one of the most important things to consider when you decide to modernize an elevator. Elevators that are not equipped with today’s technologies can be dangerous, with unexpected shutdowns, uneven floor landings, unreliable emergency phones, and doors that are unresponsive to passenger movement. Our modernization solutions can address all of these problems.

Improving Elevator Efficiency and Reliability

Inefficient elevator systems waste energy and money, and their long wait times and slow travel speeds cause constant tenant unrest. Northern Elevator Company can improve efficiency in a number of ways, from simply adjusting existing equipment to replacing the systems “brains” with a new, non-proprietary microprocessor-based control system. Upgrading your system will result in reduced energy consumption, smoother and quieter rides, improved traveling speeds, shorter wait times, drastically reduced repair costs, and happier passengers.

Non-proprietary Elevator Controller Systems

With non-proprietary equipment, building managers who become dissatisfied with their elevator maintenance contractor cannot be held hostage by an installer. That’s why Northern Elevator Company insists on installing only non-proprietary elevator controls. This means there are no company-specific tools, devices, passwords, or software necessary to install and/or maintain the equipment. An elevator company that specifies non-proprietary equipment is displaying the ultimate confidence in their service.


  • You are experiencing higher elevator  repair costs related to controls
  • Inefficient, poor reliability and operation
  • Public safety considerations
  • Long customer/tenant wait times
  • Increased shutdowns and entrapments
  • Landing and leveling problems
  • Poor ride quality
  • Decrease energy costs
  • Serviceability/Proprietary Controls
  • Obsolescence