Elevator Repairs in San Francisco Bay Area.

When lifts are working properly, building residents and visitors hardly notice they are there. They press the service button for the elevator and it arrives on cue to transport them smoothly up or down, wherever they need to go.  Like any repetitive and essential function, it is only when things go wrong that people notice and begin to complain. And as a property manager, you know that a malfunctioning elevator is one of the things that most infuriate the residents of commercial or residential buildings.

Whether they are owners of apartments or renters of a commercial suite within an upscale office building, those paying building management fees expect to have everything working like clockwork.  Non-functioning elevators aren’t just an inconvenience; they can also be a costly, ongoing source of frustration and embarrassment for tenants, guests and owners.

To maintain good relations with building tenants and a reputation as a desirable, quality location, taking immediate action of any required elevator repairs is key. That’s why Northern Elevators skilled technicians are on call 24/7, ready to provide you with a wide range of repairs in San Francisco.

Elevator Repair Services

Northern Elevator Company repairs all cable or hydraulic elevators,  no matter the brand or age. We stock and carry most of the common elevator parts ranging from 70-year-old basement drum lifts in need of total modernization,  to newly installed solid state overhead traction elevators. This means that we are able to quickly repair most elevator problems associated with aging elevators, obsolescence, vandalism, and water damage saving you downtime and helping reducing customer complaints.

Our elevator repair quotes are usually in your hands within 24 hours. But you won’t pay a premium for this service. In fact, our elevator repair quotes are more than competitive.

Our most requested repair services include:

1. Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement
2.  Power Unit Replacement
3.  Door Equipment Replacement
4.  Signal Fixture replacement
5.  Main Valve replacement
6.  Inspection Violation repairs
7.  Cosmetic Upgrades
8.  Hydraulic pressure leaks in oil lines.
9.  Motor replacement
10. Elevator Door Replacement

Additional services provided:

  • Seal any leaks: oil line (threaded or Victaulic), valves, packing, machines, old door operators
  • Car door zone locking devices (door restrictors)
  • Controller troubleshooting
  • Clutch repair and/or replacements, upgrades
  • Hoistway door equipment repair and or replacement
  • Guide shoe replacements
  • Buffer repair and replacement
  • Cab interiors
  • Phone (handsets or ADA compliant)
  • Machine, motor, and generator repair and/or replacement
  • Governor repair and/or replacement
  • Bearings on deflector sheave, machine thrust/journal, machine pillow block, etc.
  • Hoist and governor rope replacement
  • Hydraulic jack cylinder replacement
  • Jack packing seal replacement
  • Hydraulic control valve repair/rebuild and/or replacement
  • Hydraulic pump repair/rebuild/reseal and/or replacement
  • Car Operating Panel (COP) repair buttons or switches
  • Safety edge, sensor edge, photo-eye repair or replacement