Duplex Elevator Modernization

Most people do not give a second thought to the problems that can arise by having two elevators in their building and of course, as long as both lifts continue to work smoothly, there is no reason why they should.

What the building residents don’t know, however, is that these ‘duplex’ or  ‘elevator bank’  systems can be compared to Siamese twins. In conjoined twins, parts of bodily systems are shared. Separating the twins to enable them to live independently requires complex and delicate surgery.  If the twins remain conjoined, any illness in one is very likely to cause illness in the other.

When an aging elevator bank is due for maintenance, repair or modernization, separating the ‘twinned’ elevators can be equally complex.

Duplex Elevator Modernization at Rizal St. - San Francisco

Even more challenging is to upgrade them, carefully ‘de-tangling’ the circuits and allowing one elevator to stay in operation while the other is operated on.

Duplex Elevator Modernization - San Francisco

In this duplex elevator modernization project which we undertook in Rizal St, that is exactly what we did to ensure that the hundreds of tenants residing in the commercial apartment complex were not inconvenienced by the upgrade work.