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This old elevator on California street was DC powered and originally installed in the 1930s.

Running on an old Spencer controller, later modernized by Pacific elevator in the 1960s.

Elevators of this age and style are retiring all throughout the city of San Francisco. Very commonly causing floor level issues, constant breakage, and even trapping their passengers time to time.

As an elevator company, we specialize in fully custom modernizations and this was a perfect showcase as we updated:

  • Converted DC elevator to run on AC power
  • Installed a new AC motor
  • Installed a new Smartrise controller
  • Installed a new governor over speed prevention device
  • Installed a new rope gripping device
  • Installed a new car operation panel (hall buttons and elevator fixtures)

Our next photo displays the old vintage in-cab elevator buttons. As these older fixtures begin to break, it’s very difficult finding replacements as they are no longer produced. Often times, elevator companies will use old salvaged buttons from previous modernizations to replace aging elevators.

Not only do the new elevator fixtures come with more benefits to the average rider (and are safer to work on for the technician), but all parts are available and can be easily replaced.

Further reducing the downtime of your elevator in any future trouble calls.

If you are having trouble keeping your elevator floor evenly level, an elevator that constantly breaks causing you massive expenses, or even trapped passengers.

It may be time to upgrade your elevator.

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