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Having Trouble With An Elevator That’s Never Floor Level?

This old elevator on California street was DC powered and originally installed in the 1930s.

Running on an old Spencer controller, later modernized by Pacific elevator in the 1960s.

Elevators of this age and style are retiring all through out the city of San Francisco. Very commonly causing floor level issues, constant breakage, and even trapping their passengers time to time.

Need A New Elevator Cab Interior? So Did UC Berkeley.

Elevator Interiors and The Importance of First Impressions

One of the first areas of a building that a new or potential tenant will interact with is the elevator. And it is not only the lift lobby that requires attention from building managers but the cab interiors too. A clean and modern elevator cab gives a good impression and bodes well for the quality of the overall building management and maintenance.

A visitor treated to the opposite experience of an old-fashioned or dilapidated elevator cab may well reach the property managers office with their mind already made up not to rent space in the building. First impressions are that important!

Have Two Elevators In Your Building? You Might Be In Trouble!

Most people aren’t aware of the problems that can arise simply having two elevators in their building.

Often called a ‘duplex’ or an ‘elevator bank’. These elevators are similar to Siamese twins. Imagine one getting sick and affecting the other.

The scenario for ‘Siamese elevators’ can be even more dramatic, causing major service issues in your building.

Even more challenging is to upgrade them, carefully ‘de-tangling’ the circuits and allowing one elevator to stay in operation while the other is operated on.

It takes a very special kind of elevator company to successfully do this and it is the very thing we specialize in.

In this latest project, you can see the bank of elevators that we carefully modernized to ensure there was no downtime for the hundreds of tenants residing in the commercial apartment complex.

Could Your Elevator Actually Be Illegal?

Not only is it the oldest type of elevator in the city of San Francisco, but the ‘Drum’ elevator is officially illegal.

The only way you’ll have one of these bad boys in your building is if it’s ‘grandfathered’ in.

That means the state of California is no longer allowing this type of elevator to be installed.

The good news is, that if the machine structure is sound, there is absolutely no problem modernizing your existing drum elevator and upgrading it to run like new.

Just swap out the bearings and the controller and you’re good to go.

Could Your Elevator Actually Be Illegal