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Most people aren’t aware of the problems that can arise simply having two elevators in their building.

Often called a ‘duplex’ or an ‘elevator bank’. These elevators are similar to Siamese twins. Imagine one getting sick and affecting the other.

The scenario for ‘Siamese elevators’ can be even more dramatic, causing major service issues in your building.

Even more challenging is to upgrade them, carefully ‘de-tangling’ the circuits and allowing one elevator to stay in operation while the other is operated on.

It takes a very special kind of elevator company to successfully do this and it is the very thing we specialize in.

In this latest project, you can see the bank of elevators that we carefully modernized to ensure there was no downtime for the hundreds of tenants residing in the commercial apartment complex.

Here is a photo of the existing controllers that were linked back to back.

It’s rather exciting for both the tenets and us as we reconnect the circuits of the newly modernized elevators to again work together.

With latest in technology Smartrise controller equipment, these two elevators are now more efficient than ever. For example, one elevator can be parked in the lobby and the other at midway point of the building. Allowing response time to be quicker than demand, increasing productivity for everyone.

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