Promotion Discontinued See Our New Cut Your Bill In Half Promotion


At Northern Elevator Company, we have tightened our tool belts, reducing the cost of elevator maintenance service without reducing the amount of care. In fact, we’ve lowered the cost and increased our care.

What will you get for just $70 a month?

In most cases, a lot more than what you are getting now.

Do all elevators qualify for this low rate?

Most cable and hydraulic elevators do. Just use our elevator maintenance estimate request form below and schedule a FREE survey.

It only takes about 10 minutes.

As the building owner or manager, you must determine how often and if your elevator is being serviced monthly. Check your machine room maintenance log to see if you’re getting what you are paying for.

Take a look at your present elevator company, and if you find yourself dissatisfied, now or in the future, please use our survey form and get a free estimate.

*3 month elevator maintenance service contract required for promotional discount. *After 6 month promotional rate discount, normal rates will apply for service contacts. $90.00 hydraulic elevators. $125.00 cable elevators. All contracts are Standard Oil and Grease (O & G) Contracts.