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A beautiful cab interior is neccesary for a good first impression and always reflects on the quality of a building especially for new tenants.

So the question is how do you prevent your cab interior from reflecting poorly on you or your management group?

We’ll give you 3 tricks to keep your cab interior just like new in just a minute.

First, we’ll take the deep dive into one of our more recent cab interior replacements at the University of Berkeley. In this specific building, experiments are conducted daily, with carts and even crates being palleted in and out of the elevator.

Years had passed and it was time for an upgrade, UC Berkeley called on us replace both elevators cab interiors and design an interior that stood above the rest.

The new panels themselves are sleek, custom designed to resist scratches and even vandalism.

Another benefit to an upgrading your cab interior is it allows you to bring your elevator’s handrails up to ADA specs, making your building more handicap friendly and attractive to all tenants.

As we wrap up this project, here is the list of tricks that will keep your cab interior new for as long as possible:

Purchase elevator protective moving pads that hook on your ceiling for move-ins and outs
Get special rigidized panels that resist scratches and vandals
Replace carpets that hide odors and ward off new tenants

Need a new elevator cab interior?

As we only do fully custom work, we only take on so many clients per year to retain our standard of excellence.

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