Elevator Repairs in San Francisco Bay Area.

Non-functioning elevators aren’t just an inconvenience; they can also be a costly, ongoing source of frustration and embarrassment for tenants, guests and owners. So when problems strike, immediate action is key.  That’s why Northern Elevators skilled technicians are on call 24/7, ready to provide you with a wide range of repairs.

Northern Elevator has the experience to repair any aspect of your cable or hydraulic elevator no matter the brand or age. We stock and carry most of the common elevator parts ranging from 70 year old basement drum machines to newly installed solid state overhead traction elevators. This means that we are able to quickly repair most elevator problems associated with aging elevators obsolescence, vandalism, and water damage saving you down time and helping reducing customer complaints.

Our elevator repair quotes are usually in your hands within 24 hours. But you won’t pay a premium for this service. In fact, our elevator repair quotes are more than competitive.

Our repair services include:

1. Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement
2.  Power Unit Replacement
3.  Door Equipment Replacement
4.  Signal Fixture replacement
5.  Main Valve replacement
6.  Inspection Violation repairs
7.  Cosmetic Upgrades
8.  Hydraulic pressure leaks in oil lines.
9.  Motor replacement
10. Elevator Door Replacement

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